One Funnel Away Challenge – My Detailed Analysis

Recently, I stumbled upon the One Funnel Funnel Away Challenge arranged by Russell Brunson and the Clickfunnels team. I had no idea what it was all about at first. One Funnel Away Challenge

I was already familiar with Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels, but I had not heard of this Challenge they have begun. With that in my mind, I decided to do a little research on the OFA Challenge to see what all the hype was about.

I had previously read Russell’s Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets, and understand that he is a gifted online marketer who truly knows what he is doing when it comes to online marketing.

If you have not read these books, I highly recommend you check them out. The books are readily available online for free, you just pay the shipping.

If you wish to get a copy of these books on your own then you can get Expert Secrets here and DotCom Secrets here.

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The One Funnel Away Challenge – The Details One Funnel Away Challenge


The Challenge is an amazing 30-day training program that was developed by Russell and the folks at Clickfunnels.

The Challenge is run by Russell, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian. Stephen and Julie are both members of Russell’s “2 Comma Club”, which means they have each created a funnel that has actually made them a minimum of one million dollars. That’s pretty awesome!

The Challenge is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners build and launch a successful funnel.

If your business is not as profitable as it should be then the OFA Challenge has the potential to change all of that in 30 days.

Similarly, if you have not set up an online business yet, the OFA Challenge is one of the very best routs to take to get you up and running.

While this whole Challenge may appear rather exciting, it is actually quite a bit of work so only take it on if you intend to follow through and put in the effort to achieve what you want.

Picture of Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian

Must I have a product all set to offer?

A lot of people think that in order to participate in the OFA Challenge they need to already have a product. However, this is not the case at all.

If you do not have your own product then you can work as an affiliate and promote someone else’s products. In return, you will earn affiliate commissions for it.

An example of this would be to sign up as a Clickfunnels affiliate and promote that in addition to some of Russell’s other products. A fantastic part of working as a Clickfunnels affiliate is that you have the opportunity to grow a recurring monthly income from the subscribers you sign up to Clickfunnels.

If you do have a product that you would like to offer, the OFA Challenge is an excellent method to bring it to the market.

How To Sign Up For The One Funnel Away Challenge

the one funnel away challenge members areaThere is just a small window of opportunity to register for the challenge as it is only run for 30 days.

If you miss the signup date then you’ll have to wait until the next Challenge before you can register.

As soon as you sign up, the fun is going to start.

You will quickly get a welcome e-mail with all of your login instructions to get into the member’s area.

The member’s area includes a welcome video from Russell and 5 additional sections.

>You Can Sign Up For The OFA Challenge Here<<

OFA Mission Control

The Mission Control tab is where the live daily training occurs as well as access to the private Facebook club.

OFA Mission Training One Funnel Away Challenge

This section provides 33 missions in addition to a pre-mission to help you start on the 30-day Challenge before it actually starts.

The pre-training was developed to assist you to get your mindset right and to build in the belief that you can be successful.

Each section features training with Russell and Stephen Larson in addition to the OFA Challenge PDF workbook with that daily lesson and activity.

When you have finished the pre-training, you will be all set to begin the Challenge once the scheduled date starts.

Summit Interviews

When you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge you will also discover a section in your members area with summit interviews. There are thirty informative interviews from highly successful entrepreneurs who have all made at least $1,000,000 through a single funnel using Clickfunnels.

In this section, each entrepreneur shares their exact strategy of what they would do if they lost everything and had to build their business again in 30 days.

It is an exceptional bonus offer that is actually well worth the expense of the OFA Challenge alone.

The OFA Alumni One Funnel Away Challenge

The OFA alumni is the section where you can submit your results from taking the OFA Challenge. If you earned at least $1,000 or more from your funnel during or after the Challenge then you will be awarded a certificate.

You can see the official OFA Alumni page here.

One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

When you register for the Challenge, you are also going to get an OFA Challenge box which will be shipped to you.

Your package will consist of:

The 30-days. com book

This book features the methods that thirty of the leading earners would employ if they needed to begin over from scratch if they lost all of their cash, possessions and reputation.

In my opinion, this book is also worth more than the $100 you will pay to join the Challenge. The book also contains more detail not covered in the summit interviews.

30-Day Challenge Workbook

The workbook is going to help you throughout the OFA Challenge by taking you step-by-step through the different missions and videos.

The workbook is an excellent method to ensure that all of your tasks are completed each day by offering a comprehensive list in addition to room to write important notes.

MP3 player

If you’d like to be able to listen to the training on your way to work then you can use the MP3 player to listen to all the training missions. This is a great way to refresh on what you need to do.

What type of dedication is needed?

While the Challenge is only 30 days, it is fairly intense if you are also working a day job. Having said that, if you focus then you can absolutely get it done while working a 9-5 job. Be aware that you will need to commit to at least 2 hours per day including at the weekends for the 30 day period.

>>See The Full Details On The OFA Challenge Kit Here<<

One Funnel Away Challenge Cost

Believe it or not, you can get in on the One Funnel Away Challenge for just $100. That is an unbelievable value!

Russell does not do the OFA Challenge to generate income. The reason he is putting out so much value for such a small amount of money is to build trust with people and in his brand. In time, he then hopes that you may want to use some of his products such as Clickfunnels.

OFA Challenge Results

At the moment I’m in my first week of the Challenge, so I have no real results to reveal just yet. Nevertheless, as my time in the program advances, I will the results I get with you.

With that being said, I have seen some amazing results from other people who have already completed the 30 days Challenge. There are some people who have earned a few thousand dollars through the Challenge while a few have earned hundreds of thousands. Needless to say, the OFA Challenge definitely works if you put in the effort.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus Offers

When you join the Challenge you get so much for your money. Not only are you getting expert training from one of the worlds leading marketers, you also get a load of other goodies too. They are;

  • Full access to the 30 Days training videos which are valued at $997
  • Complete training with Julie Stoian & Stephen Larsen, when again valued at $997
  • Access to the exceptional 30 Days Summit Interview Videos
  • An MP3 player with the training of Russell Brunson & Stephen Larsen
  • 30 hardcover book
  • The 30-Day Challenge Workbook which will help you stay focused and overcome the challenge

Become a One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate

When you sign up as a Clickfunnel affiliate you will also have the ability to promote the OFA Challenge which will make you a cool $100 for every person who signs up through your link.

In addition, you are going to have the ability to promote a number of Clickfunnels related products.

Remember, all the ClickFunnels affiliate links have a sticky cookie which means that if a person signs up for the OFA challenge not only will you make the $100 bit if they then buy any other products later on down the line, you will receive an affiliate commission on those too.

You also might be interested in the Dream Car Contest for folks promoting the Clickfunnels product. Once you have signed up 100 people to Clickfunnels, they will pay $500 each month on your car lease of any care of your choice.

Dream car contest Once you refer 200 Clickfunnels customers they will bump that up to $1,000 per month to cover your car lease. Can you imagine what sort of car you could have if $1,000 monthly of the lease was covered for you?

You can find out more about the Dream Car Contest here.

If you’re brand-new to affiliate marketing and not sure how well you would do promoting products online, don’t worry. Russell also has an affiliate training program he calls his Affiliate Bootcamp that you can get access to for free.

When you sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp Russell and his team teaches you exactly what you need to do step-by-step to be successful to be an affiliate online. The Affiliate Bootcamp is worth $997, however he offers you access to this course totally free when you sign up to be a Clickfunnels affiliate.

You can learn more about the Affiliate Bootcamp and signup to be a Clickfunnels affiliate here.

Is the OFA Challenge worth $100?

In my opinion, the One Funnel Away Challenge is worth far more than $100.

You do not have to have your own products to be successful with the Challenge. You can quickly promote any number of items as an affiliate and earn decent money with the right training and some hard work on your part.

Start the Challenge today and get your business up and running as quickly as possible. It might be the best $100 you ever spent on your business success.

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