Funnel Builder Secrets Review

Funnel Builder Secrets is an amazing new offer released by Russell Brunson at Clickfunnels. Chances are that you have already heard about Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson if you are running an online business of some kind. Funnel Builder Secrets Review

As technology evolves and general websites lose their effectiveness, it is necessary now more than ever to have an effective sales funnel to grow your business and survive in this competitive world.

Russel Brunson’s marketing strategies revolve around using sales funnels. In the Funnel Builder Secrets package, he covers absolutely everything you need to know from choosing a niche, creating a product, building your seals funnel, writing your copy, launching a business and growing your email list.

It’s all very well signing up for a Clickfunnels account and trying to figure everything out on your own. However, you won’t get nearly as much traction in your business without the right know-how to fit all the other pieces of the puzzle together.

Every entrepreneur knows that the structure of any organization must have 3 crucial components; that is:

• Service or Product (it can be yours or another person’s)
• Targeted audience
• A means of transforming your target market into paying loyal customers

You will have a company that is untouchable if you get all the three components right.

It does not matter if you have an online-based service, you’re running a traditional brick-and-mortar business, you’re promoting other people’s products and services through affiliate offers, or simply offering a consulting service; the 3 components are critical.

In Funnel Builder Secrets, respected entrepreneur Russell Brunson will shortcut your learning curve and show you exactly how to build your business the right way.

What Is Funnel Builder Secrets?


While Russell was constructing his presentation for Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference back in 2018, the inspiration for his Funnel Builder Secrets was born. His talk lasted for 90 minutes and was presented to an audience of around 9,000 people.

His presentation included steps (from the beginning to the end) on ways to be successful online and 10X your organization. Throughout the presentation, he gave out many important tricks that will definitely benefit any company owner aiming to not only enhance their company however also grow it.

The bright side is that you can still get what he said and gain from this discussion. [See the replay here]

As he was concluding with the presentation, Russell offered the audience an offer that is too good to be true for everybody seeking to grow their company.

The result …?

Everybody started rushing to get to the Clickfunnels table, which was located to the back of the space. They all wanted his Funnel Builder Secrets to using. Initially, this was to be provided one-time-only at the event and only for those who were attending. Because the deal was good, after the event, Clickfunnels got a lot of emails from people who have heard about this offer but were not able to go to the 10X Growth Con occasion.

Literally, people have actually been begging Russell to make the deal to everyone, even for a minimal time would be better than not at all. Due to public demand, Russell Brunson and his group at Clickfunnels have actually made it possible for everyone to access the funnel Builder Secret deal, however just for a restricted time.

If you are in luck, you might still be able to [ grab the Funnel Builder Secrets bundle here]

Funnel Builder Secrets – The DetailsFunnel Builder Secrets Review

Normally, Funnel Builder Secrets is a plan of primary items companies require to be successful online. This deal is readily available through three different price points; $1,997, $2,997, and $5,997.

A majority of individuals might believe; this is too costly! Well, Yes and No. What you get with Funnel Builder Secrets since …


• Either 12 or 6 months of Clickfunnels Enterprise account.
• Funnel Builder Secrets.
• Funnel Hacks Masterclass.
• Access to Funnel Scripts for 12 Months.
• Traffic Secret Membership.
• Unlimited Funnels Perks.

Let’s assume that you are to purchase each of these products individually; usually, you will spend $11,552 in total.

The concern is, what are each of the items in the Funnel Builder Secrets Package?

1. The Clickfunnels Enterprise Account

The truth is that if you want to build Funnels Online then, based on usual, you will require a powerful funnel software program like Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is basically a software program that will allow you to build high-converting sales funnels quickly and easily.

2. Funnel Hacks Masterclass Funnel Builder Secrets Review

The Funnel Hacks Masterclass is Russell’s earlier training course that was held over 6 weeks. The course takes you through all the hacks you need to know to create products that will sell well online.

In this course, you will get to know where your rivals are getting their traffic, what they are selling, how they are offering it and the way their funnels are created so you can model them for yourself.

3. Funnel Builder Secrets

This is an offer that includes training from Russell Brunson along with access to his Clickfunnels software and Funnel Scripts. In this course, you will learn all the technical knowledge for developing a power funnel that converts.

You can utilize the course to hone your skills and become a master funnel builder. If you do have a team that is accountable for your funnel build, then you can give them this course to follow along to step-by-step.

4. Traffic Secrets Subscription

Even if you have the best product in the world and an awesome funnel, if you can’t get traffic them you’ll just fall flat on your face and not succeed with your venture.

Through the Traffic Secrets course, you will get to learn about 125 different ways of getting traffic to your funnel. If you’re smart you’ll start with one until it is established. After this, go to your next one and do the exact same and so on until you have taken over your market.

5. Access to Funnel Scripts for 12 months

Building a great funnel is one thing, but the words you use on your newsletters, e-mails, sales page, and even landing pages are critical if you want to sell your products.

The good news is that Russell has actually included a sophisticated software application that can write all your copy for you. This includes sales copy, ad headlines, newsletters, emails, and more.

With this software program, all you need to do is fill in a bit of info about your business into the respective fields and click the button. Funnel Scripts will then create your entire sales copy for you. There are many different scripts to choose from. It’s a really comprehensive program.

6. Unlimited Funnels Bonuses

Normally, a Clickfunnels account is restricted to the number of funnels you can have in your account at any one time. For example, the standard plan is $97 a month and just allows you to have up to 20 funnels.

With Clickfunnels Platinum, you can have 70 funnels. When you buy Funnel Builder Secrets you will get an unlimited amount of funnels in your account.

The Funnel Builder Secrets Cost

When you opt for the $1,997 package, you will get everything mentioned above plus full access to Clickfunnels Platinum for 6 months. With the $2,997 bundle, you will get everything discussed above plus Clickfunnels Platinum for 12 months.

However, if you are looking for extra assistance, you have the option to go for the $5,997 bundle and you will receive all the above, together with 8 weeks training calls from Clickfunnels support professionals.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level then I highly recommend you get started with Funnel Builder Secrets today. Funnel Builder Secrets Review

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