Introducing Linux To Newbies

Linux technologyDear readers, friends and fans, thank you for joining us here at Linux Virgins. We are all about helping the newbie with various Linux issues and aim to help you guys get to grips with this excellent operating system so you can truly get the most out of it and benefit from all it has to offer.

Linux is a leading operating system for computers and works on open-source software. Originally designed to be used on personal computers, it was based on the Intel x86 design. However, since this time it has also been reflected on other platforms, so much so that it is now the most widely used operating system to date.

When talking about technology, it is hard to get away from the Linux name because it is directly used on so many devices from minuscule notebooks to the biggest and most powerful supercomputers in the world. If you are using Linux, then you will want to be familiar with how it operates and get to grips with exactly what this amazing piece of technology can do for you.

We will soon be bringing you more info on using Linux, so please do stay posted and check back here with us soon.

Here is a further introduction to the Linux operating system by Techquickie.

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