Using Linux On Windows 10, Everything You Need To Know

Linux, Windows
Windows 10 comes with a new Linux subsystem, and naturally, many people are curious about how to use it and other possibilities for making the transition. If you're interested in making the switch from one operating system to the other, there are a few essentials to keep in mind before you proceed. Three Important Considerations Before You Switch The Built-in Subsystem is Hidden Keep in mind that the Linux command line is hidden in Windows 10. A side entrance will have to be utilised to give the features a try. Thus, this┬ácharacteristic is considered by many to not be as user friendly or intuitive as it otherwise might be. The option is available solely when running the OS from the Fast Ring developer builds. You'll also need it to be…
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Using Linux on Android: A Few Key Tips

Android, Linux
Would you like to install Linux on an Android device? If so, you'll need to keep a few essentials in mind. There are a couple of options that can be tried, each one coming with its advantages and shortcomings. KBOX An option like KBOX allows you to switch to Linux without having to go through the rooting process. KBOX is a single-user Linux distribution option. The best aspect is that it can be installed on all kinds of Android devices, including ones that haven't been rooted. The project's website gives you the download link and some information about the process. There are also additional packages that more advanced users may choose to download manually. KBOX has its limitations, but it may be a good solution for first-time users. It's a…
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Introducing Linux To Newbies

Dear readers, friends and fans, thank you for joining us here at Linux Virgins. We are all about helping the newbie with various Linux issues and aim to help you guys get to grips with this excellent operating system so you can truly get the most out of it and benefit from all it has to offer. Linux is a leading operating system for computers and works on open-source software. Originally designed to be used on personal computers, it was based on the Intel x86 design. However, since this time it has also been reflected on other platforms, so much so that it is now the most widely used operating system to date. When talking about technology, it is hard to get away from the Linux name because it is…
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